Yerba Mate is the Perfect Valentine ❤️

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With Valentine's Day here, we couldn't resist talking about our favorite topic: L-O-V-E! Even if you don't support the heart-themed cupcakes at the corporate office party, you have to admit that having an entire day dedicated to the idea of love is pretty cool.

Love is woven through the depths of our beings. Even those that have been hurt the most still long for love and acceptance. It is human to want connection. It is human to seek clarity, purpose, joy & health, and it is within love that we find all of these things. 

Yerba mate not only has healing effects on the physical heart, but also your metaphysical heart! You know, that kind of joy that comes from chocolate, warm hugs, and warm mugs. ☕ 

So let's get a little scientific, shall we? Theobromine. 

Theobromine is one of the three natural stimulants that fuels the energy within yerba mate, and is well known for its mood-boosting effects. Theobromine is also found some of your other favorite V-Day treats like 💝dark chocolate and 🍷red wine. As a vasodilator, theobromine widens your blood vessels, which makes you feel great. 

The word "theobromine" comes from Greek words meaning "food of the gods." With yerba mate referred to as the "drink of the gods" throughout many South American legends, it's clear that people have loved the feeling of oxygen coursing through their veins for centuries. 

Yerba mate tea gets your heart pumping, dilates your blood vessels, and saturates your body with oxygen - which makes you feel euphoric. The improved blood flow from drinking yerba mate might cause you to blush a little redder this Valentine's Day. 😚 


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