The Benefits of Organic Infusions

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What is an organic infusion?

Organic infusions benefit the body in a much more comprehensive way than a single herb or tea by combining many benefits from different plants to heal the body, often in a synergistic way. 

For instance, AYAM organic infusions combine Vitamin-C packed yerba mate with rose hips - ensuring that the body increases absorption of vitamin-C, helping to boost immunity and aid in the absorption of iron. Combine this with the iron in basil or peppermint, and you now have an iron infusion that will keep you strong and healthy that tastes delicious.  

Tea and infusions have been used for centuries to heal and nurture our bodies. Many people in many cultures still practice the tradition of blending tea and infusions to experience an array of health benefits. It is an ancient modality of healing that has luckily been expanded upon as we have evolved. 

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AYAM organic infusions are intentionally designed so that the botanical ingredients perfectly harmonize and collaborate to increase your awareness, cognition, and overall health. Each of our organic infusions blend the powerfully stimulating yerba mate with six other healing herbs for a balanced and energizing experience.

Each blend of AYAM organic infusions has two botanical ingredients that differentiate each flavor from the rest. The other five ingredients in every organic infusion is yerba mate, rose hips, lemongrass, lemon verbena, and rooibos tea.  

What sets Lavender Spearmint Yerba Mate apart from our other organic infusions is that it calms the nervous system while also exciting the cardiovascular system, leading to a relaxed and focused energy. Lavender is known to lower cortisol (stress) in the body, while spearmint has been shown to increase cognition and alertness. These two herbs work together to create the most mellow of our organic infusions. 

Our warmest of the organic infusions is Basil Ginger Yerba Mate, which adds the sweet basil leaf and ginger root to our AYAM proprietary blend. Both basil and ginger have been show effective in reducing nausea and alleviating cold and flu symptoms. It is definitely the strongest GI-healing blend of all of our organic infusions.

Peppermint Hibiscus Yerba Mate is our most tart and refreshing of AYAM organic infusions.  Hibiscus is used in many weight loss products for its detoxing and cooling abilities, while peppermint also cools and brings clarity of mind. This flavor adds a unique fitness twist to our organic infusions lineup by helping your body cleanse and cool. 

By combing the jitter-free energy and nutrient density of yerba mate leaves with other healing herbs, we have created organic infusions that will bring clarity of mind and boost health. 

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